Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Latest love: Clean Bandit - Dust Clears

I can't write down all the emotions which this song wakes up in me while listening to it. It's like a spring flower efflorescence in my heart. It's an explosion of positive feelings bouncing through my brain. 

The song is a surprisingly good combination of electronic and classical music. The singing parts are so catchy, each in its own way. The women voice is so clean, so clear and the manly voice rough like someone would be scratching on your ears. They are opposites in a fantastic way. And finally this violin part (and piano sounds) coming between all this drumming beats.

Not only the song itself is a masterpiece. The music video is a chef-d'oeuvre too. You can see a creative idea in it. It's not like all this videos of famous pop stars which just show some nice pictures but without a deeper meaning behind. For me this video shows the sense of beauty and art in really raw conditions. Nothing is accidental in this video, every shot is FOR SOMETHING. 

Other song by Clean Bandit I like: A&E, Rihanna, Nightingale.

xoxo Sara