Sunday, 17 November 2013

another autumn playlist

A bit nostalgic, a bit lively, a bit me!
A playlist to set you in the perfect autumn mood!
Just listen and enjoy!

Sometimes I wonder how I can live in this dark part of autumn. How? I need sun, I need light! It makes me sad when the night lasts for so long. I need happy music now (more than in the other months)

Milo Greene - 1957

Do you feel it in your head? Do you feel it in your ears? Do you feel it in your feet? This song is so positive! It brings spring to every cloudy and rainy autumn day. It takes me away!

Effi - Distance

You probably thought I set the most happy song at the begining, but here is Effi! This song makes me think about all those friends of mine who are living far away. It is definitely not depressing it's full of hope and happiness. 

Johnny West - Tears Baby

This song has soul! No more to say here ;)

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
And now a somehow psychedelic song. It's so aaaaaaa I can't say it with words but you probably know what I mean. If not - watch the clip to it. 

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xoxo Sara