Wednesday, 31 October 2012

'i dance like an ill fit'

this song makes me dance every time i am listening to it and forces me to play it over and over again. it makes me want to speak with a warm synthie effect.  something in this songs drives me crazy. i am angry about it because me live isn't like this song: fresh, catchy, fast but reflective at the same time. wave machines' latest single ignites the longing of a fulfilled life, the life you dreamed about as a child. it pushes you to start living it right now or at least dance like an ill fit.

xoxo Sara

Friday, 31 August 2012

music from the masses

One important issue of our times which involves me a much is the popularity of good music. It's all about pop music - sure thing, BUT why is the most popular pop music so poor? I mean not only that the lyric are all about the same, the singers can't really sing or that everything is based on "sex sales". The worst is there is no idea behind the song, the album or even behind the "artist". In the 21st century anyone can be a popstar because there's no much need of talent in the show businesses. Maybe this is a good solution - the talents doesn't get spoiled and produce on their own. This is called - indie music and the best example for that creative musicians aren't dead at all. I took the mission to make the unpopular - popular. To show my idea of good music to you.
I hope you will enjoy this journey through different music kinds.

xoxo Sara